Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Past Isn't Past

In this the 21st century, we of the west are continuing to embrace the concept of past Lives.  We are eternal and that part of us that we call the soul lives beyond this physical life and is eternal. Some go even further in their beliefs and certain scientists of like thinking are beginning to explore the possibility on a scientific level that part of us does live beyond our physical death and that part may contain our consciousness.  Now I am personally a channeller and when what I call my soul that being of light and energy leaves my body so that my Spirit Guide may then enter my physical being and use it to bring forth knowledge that which is my consciousness goes with me whether I go to the alcove on the “Other Side” to sit and meditate or to the council chambers or just to stand in that eternal corridor separating yet uniting the various dimensions of this universe.  Now wherever I stand, during a channelling, I still view this world this space in the aspects of linear time.  However these experiences have gotten me to ponder and think while I view my past lives as past lives does my soul view them as past lives, does my Spirit Guide who inhabits my body while I am away view the many lives that she has lived as past lives and if she does not, how do her views and my views of all our past lives differ and just as importantly if they do differ why do they differ.  Well her and my views do differ in the sense that as I stand within this third physical dimension encased in time there is a beginning, a present and future and everything flows towards the future; my physical being has a beginning and end.  Hence all my physical beings that have housed my being of light and energy in this physical third dimension are seen by my  physical being as past lives because they are encased in time where life here flows from past to present to future in a linear stream.  However, my Guide (whose name is Sheila and my soul exist ultimately out of time in quantum reality.  In that reality there is no time in the linear sense all exists and is accessed in the here and now.  My Guide, Sheila states that she and each of our souls of light and energy currently encased in time in this third dimension of physical being are eternal and have lived forever and will continue  to  live forever.  We were, are and always will be.  There our life in and where you call the “Other Side” or heaven is ongoing we have had only one eternal life.  So all of what we in this physical realm call past lives are for our beings of light and energy just part of the same life, we have not died for we still live in the here and now.  Sheila recommends that for those of you that wish to comprehend this concept more fully that you might be interested in reading such works by Kryon and Ra to name but a few: Love and peace. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolution Time

I'm back. As New Year resolutions kick in full strength, if to quit smoking is your one New Year’s resolution, good. Ultimately it doesn’t’ matter why you decided to start smoking, certain reasons may make it more difficult to quit. However, your desire, motivation and determination to quit is what will carry you through. There are many excellent programs to help you quit smoking. Some use patches, others use gum, using hypnosis is just one of the variety of quit smoking techniques available to the individual in their quest to become a non smoker. It is you the consumer that need to explore the various methods. It is important that you do so and then you choose the method or methods that will match your personality, life style and budget. However, the most important thing is that if smoking is your New Year’s resolution to quit that you make the honest effort to do so; for we are not an island what we do affects others especially our love ones. Give them the best Christmas gift ever, a healthier you and one that will hopefully be in their lives for a long time to come. Good luck.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Past Links

In continuing with the theme of past lives, let us explore the benefits for this life, our current existence. You say wait, if we have lived before are you saying that those past lives or knowledge of those past lives have benefit to us in our current life. How? I say yes to both. Our past lives experiences and learning, I belief are used by us to determine what we will experience and learning in this live. No benefit to relearn a lesson if we mastered it well in the past. That would be redundant of us. But more on this in a later post. For now I wish to speak on how knowledge of past live events can directly influence and benefit current live events and existence for us. Let me give you an example. I will not use names or any identifying features for purposes of confidentiality. I am aware of an individual who had a intense fear of your common house cat. The fear was so intense that the individual’s eyes would widen almost in panic and that person would want to leave the room or building to get away from the cat or cats. Upon questioning, this individual or his family could not tell you why he was afraid of cats. No recollection of any altercation with a cat was known or remembered by that individual or any of his family to have taken place. This individual didn’t know why there was a strong fear of cats there just was. In exploring one of this person’s past lives, it was noted that in a life in Africa as a female she was mauled to death by a tiger. Interestingly knowledge in that past life event for this person assisted in eliminating their fear of cats in their current life, a benefit no doubt. So the lesson to learn, your fear of water or high places just may be tied to a past life event of drowning or falling off a high cliff. Interesting is it not?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Privilege

Last month I spoke of how individuals through the use of hypnosis experience viewing the past lives that they are exploring. This month I wish to touch on briefly how I as the Hypnotist have the privilege to sit beside them and through the art of visualization experience their past lives with them. How wonderful is that! To stand in the coliseum, to sit on a great stead as a knight in shining armour, to walk reverently in the temple of Amun - Ra, to hear the Roman senate debate, to see the colour of parlour room walls in the 1930s or to drive a car in the very early part of the twentieth century. Just image the sights, sounds and the feelings being expressed so vividly at times. Oh! the joy of a child’s first cry, or the relief and joy of a women running to meet her lover come home to the green fields of Ireland after engaging in a battle or to feel a father’s pride as he gives his daughter away in marriage to a local farmer. Yes to experience all these every day events of another’s past Lives is a privilege in deed. I therefore thank each and every one of my clients who have granted to me this experience.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Past Life View

As a Hypnotist, one of the programs I offer is past life exploration through hypnosis. This technique enables the individual to experience and thus explore lives they have lived before. Some individuals while exploring their past lives though hypnosis, experience the past life as if they were right in the body of that past life self viewing the events though the eyes of that past life self (approximately ¼ of individuals using hypnosis for past life exploration will experience the lives they visit in this manner.). However, most individuals while exploring past lives though hypnosis will experience their past lives as if they were sitting in a movie theatre and watching the life unfold on a movie screen. They sense that the life that they are viewing is their past life; although there is often some questioning as to being 100% certain that it is their life that they are viewing. It is akin to watching a home movie. The difference in the intensity of the experienced emotion is often quite profound between the two differing modes of experiencing past lives though hypnosis. Being in the body can have a more intense emotional impact upon the individual than when viewing the life as if one was watching a movie. Both ways of experiencing past lives do and can happen to an individual, just as different events of the same life can be experienced differently. The exploration of a past life often is a profound experience which often impacts the perception of events in our current life in a positive manner.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Success is a Mindset

What is success but a statement of the mind. With the assistance of hypnosis both self-hypnosis and guided hypnosis by a skilled and professional practitioner; one can truly achieve what the mind can conceive. Through visualization and persistence, you can be successful for it is all within you. So reach out, hold on and go plan for your success. But wait you say, how do I achieve this goal of success. Is it as easy as what my mind can conceive I can achieve? I say yes and let me show you how. It is all within positive thought. First, we cannot control what thoughts come into our minds. However, we and we alone can determine whether we dwell on the unwanted thoughts (in this case negative thoughts that push us towards failure rather than success) or whether we release them and visualize positive thoughts that move us and keep us on the path of success. So you again say how do I turn the negative into the positive? Well that is just the point; you do turn the negative into a positive by employing a little technique that hypnotists call the STOP THOUGHT technique. It is so simple and it works beautifully. Look below:

1). When a negative thought enters your mind set, for example my business and thus by relationship I am a failure, don’t become stressed and believe this thought process. Remember success is a statement of the mind.

2). Each time the negative thoughts come, you do one very simple and effect technique and you do it OUT LOUD VERBALLY. You say STOP OR STOP IT out loud. This simple act will instantaneously interrupt your train of thought.

3). Thus your negative thoughts are interrupted and the next step is to convert your negative thoughts into the positive polar opposite. Therefore my business and thus by relationship I am a failure becomes my business is and I am a success and I am continuing on my successful path. You think this positive thought and you repeat out loud verbally.

Do this consistently converting your negative thoughts to positive thoughts and you will achieve what you can conceive or I should say your business and thus you by relationship are a success and are continuing on the road of success. After all success is a statement of the mind, go for it and don’t forget to enjoy yourself and be happy.

Monday, July 5, 2010


In any business adventure your clients/customers are your most precious resource. Treating them with the upmost dignity and respect is paramount to your business’ success for no client/customers, equals no business, and thus no success. I’m not talking here of the civil niceties (please, thank you or good day), although they are important; I’m talking about how you as the professional business person makes your client/customers feel. They should be feeling and have the impression that they are the most important individual to you during any interaction that they have with you. Yes being nice and courteous (saying please and thank you and engaging in small talk) helps, giving discounts, or even free sessions or merchandise may also be benefical. However, taking the few moments to get to know them as a person is the most vital and most beneficial and just how do you do that? You LISTEN to them; give them your full ATTENTION. It is by fully listening that you get the feeling and sense of who they are as a person not just as a client/customer and you also will get a feel for their needs as a person. It is their needs as a person not as a customer/client that you as a professional need to address. So stop talking sit back and LISTEN. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Code of Ethnics

As a Hypnotist, I follow the code of ethics of the National Guild of Hypnotists: Client Welfare: I must respect my clients. Their welfare in terms of their physical and mental well being is my prime concern. In turn I expect to be treated with the same respect. Practice Limits and Credentials: As a hypnotist I promise to treat my clients only with in the areas of my expertise and qualifications. Motivating and coaching my clients to the success that they wish to achieve and I will be honest about my areas of qualifications, training and skills. Referred practice and Reasonable Practice: As to dealing with problems outside of my expertise such as medical issues; all such issues should and will be referred to the appropriate medical health care professional such as a physician. For certain medical or mental health issues where hypnosis may be deemed appropriate, a written referral from the appropriate llicensed health care professional such as a physician will be required before I would beginning working with said individual except when otherwise provided for by provincial law. This then is a brief outline of the basic code of ethics as published by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Regulations, Why?

First of all when I’m talking rules and regulations I am not talking politics that is a totally different subject. That being said the rules, the regulations, and guidelines set–up by both professional organizations and governments are important they serve a number of functions. One of which is to protect not only the practitioners of those fields but also the practitioner’s clients. As a patient you go to your physician knowing that he has been properly trained, he has the knowledge and the skills to do his job . You would not go to your physician to build your house but you would go to the physician if you had the flu. So has Hypnotists we follow the National Guild of Hypnotists guidelines in accordance with government regulations. In this case, the regulations I follow are from the government of Ontario Canada where I practise. This not only protects me but it also protects my clients. They know that they can come to me and that I will not be practising beyond my qualifications, they are safe. I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. I am not a counsellor. I am not a medical doctor I do not treat depression. I do not treat any emotional or mental disorder that should be treated by a physician or a psychologist. I would and must refer in those cases to the appropriate health care practitioner. I am a Hypnotist who coaches and motivates my clients to achieve the goals that they want to achieve and help solve the problems that they want to solve by motivating and guiding. By following the Guild’s guidelines and government regulations, I protect both myself and my clients. All clients should be aware of this, for rights are important. The Guidelines are set-up to ensure safety for all and all practising Hypnotists should be aware of the guidelines enforced by their province of state.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The basics of Hypnotism go back to ancient times. Those who have read Jean Auel’s memorial book, “Clan of The Cave Bear” will remember accounts of magic, healings, inherited memories and revelations performed or created by the “Mogurs” and “medicine women” of prehistoric clans. Hypnotism. In the early centuries of our own land, the medicine men of Indian Tribes performed seeming miracles. Hypnotism. Wider, non-secret usage began in the 1700’s in several forms under different names. There were periods of progress and periods of stagnation in the development of modern Hypnotism. Medical interest and the acceptance expanded following World War II when the use of Hypnotherapy proved especially helpful to surviving battlefield causalities suffering from shock, injury, battle fatigue, and various psychological disorders. As understanding increased Hypnotism began to be recognized as an important adjunct to counseling psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, and also medical fields including neurology, obstetrics, emergency medicine, burn therapy and others. Hypnosis is finding increasing usage in dentistry and other areas where pain control is important. All humans (and possibly several animals) have two distinct minds - the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is vastly larger and more powerful than the conscious mind, yet it is the least understood and used by mankind. Actually, the great “unconscious” mind has two functional elements, the subconscious and the super-conscious, the former the store house of memory, the latter dealing with the spiritual.